Friday, March 6, 2009

Earmarks and more...

During this past presidential campaign there was a lot made about earmarks. A lot of posturing about what each candidate would do in regards to them. So far... It has been all how air.

The sad thing about earmarks, at least to me, is that they are a form of legal bribery. Oh, you don't want to vote for this bill? How about we throw a few million federal dollars to a pet project in your home state/district. This is a serious problem. It means that bills are not being voted on for the merit of the bill. But, instead they are being voted for based on who could be bought to vote for it.

It is sad, disgusting, and points to everything that is wrong with our country.

Congress and the House want to get on business executives and how much money they receive or get in bonuses. How about get on each other for giving themselves millions of dollars in federal dollars for pet projects. Really, what is the difference between the two?

I guess in a way this leads to me having right thinking. The earmarks make the federal government bigger then it should be. Why is the government paying for localized pet projects? Should that not be the responsibility of the state? Wait... Did I just call for smaller federal government? Help! Help! I am thinking like a republican.

All joking aside.

It is shameful that we allow our politicians to get away with the very things they bring people before them for all the time. That is being dishonest to the American taxpayer. If they were so high and mighty as they seem to be when pursuing steroids in baseball, where are they in policing themselves in regards to honesty?

Next time you see a bill passed that you don't think should of been... Just remember, your interests were more then likely not at your congressmen or representatives heart, but, his pet projects are why he voted the way he did. Yay for earmarks!

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