Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Facts. Why don't people look at them?

As I posted before people want to seem to blame Dante Stallworth completely for Mario Reyes' death. So many reporters and bloggers seem to think that drinking and driving automatically make him guilty whether that is the case or not.

Well, people also seem to want to compare different cases and different situations to Stallworth's sentence. So let's look at some things here.

Michael Vick - People keep stating "good to see a human life is worth less then a dogs life" and similar things.

Let's travel back in time for a minute...

Michael Vick was put in jail for not only kill dogs. But, he was also put in jail for funding a multi-state gambling ring and dogfight ring. Not only that but he participated in these activities for years. After getting caught he went straight to the deny, deny, deny route. In the end it is why he was sentenced as he was.

Gallo (for those who do not know he is the person who hit Nick Adenhart in a DUI involved crashed), the differences between this case and Stallworth's case are night and day. However, people can't seem to get past the DUI part. Here the main differences -

1. Nick Adenhart was not breaking any laws (Reyes was breaking the law by jaywalking, he ran across a six lane road in front of Stallworth).
2. Gallo ran a red light directly causing the wreck (it is hard to say whether Stallworth being drunk or Reyes running across the street caused their wreck).
3. Gallo fled the scene and then resisted arrest once he was caught. (Stallworth stopped tried to help Reyes, called 911, and cooperated completely with the police)
4. Gallo has a record of DUI and was driving on a suspend license at the time. (Stallworth had no record at all)

I do not understand why people can not see the differences between these cases. Stallworth could of proven in a court of law that Reyes was at fault. He could of dragged the whole thing out crushed the family and the 15 year daughter in the process. The family would of never seen a dime and still be without their loved one. Instead Stallworth has stood up and taken responsbility, he settled out of court with the family, he changed his plea after agreeing to a plea deal, and he showed this kind of compassion from the moment the wreck happened.

Quickly now, name me another human who has done that let alone a pro athlete.

While drunk driving should never be condoned and it is wrong. We need to look at all aspects of each case individually and decided if what was done if correct or just. Not every case is the same.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Pursuit of Happiness

It is interesting how throughout our lives movies can have an impact on our lives or change our views one way or another.

Last night, I watched the movie Pursuit of Happiness for the first time. The movie and the story is phenomenal. If you have not watched it then I suggest you do.

The movie got me thinking and looking at retrospect into my life. Asking myself the question "Have I been pursuing happiness?"

Looking back I have wonderful memories and happiness abound. All three of my kids are screaming testaments to the happiness in my life. They give me a feeling of fulfillment and joy that few other things can ever come close to matching. For all intents and purposes I live for them and their happiness.

Sadly though, I feel that I fail them in the pursuit of happiness in providing for them. I know this is probably something that numerous father's feel and so I am not alone.

But, I look back on my life and ask, Have I given 100% to everything needed to ensure their happiness?

The answer unfortunately is no, I have not. I have not given 100% effort at work to ensure that we could live comfortable and do the many things they want to do. I spend far to much doing things I should not be doing and to little time doing things that will advance me farther in the work force. I am 31 years old and I basically work the Help Desk. I am better then this and should be doing better than this.

The problem? As I see it, I seem to just expect things to happen for me. I rarely if ever put in the effort to earn things. Case in point, my companies quarterly Outstanding Associate Award. I'd love to win this, it would be awesome to! However, I don't put any effort into trying to win it. I seem to think that just showing up means I should win the award.

Unfortunately, life does not work like that and I need to not only understand it, but, I need to do it. Growing up every teacher said "If only I would apply myself". Sadly, even today that holds true, I am constantly telling myself "If only I applied myself". I need to stop telling myself this and actually do it. Because, I now find myself saying the same thing about my oldest son. Our kids imitate us and twenty years from now I do not want him writing the same blog post.

I am still young, there is still time... I just need to put up or shut up so to speak.

If I do, then in the end I will have pursued happiness. Which is all anyone should ever do.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Who is to blame?

In today's society so many times we look to put blame on other people. This is prevalent is so many of our lives. It is astounding how we lack the ability to take responsibility of our own actions.

But, the sad part is when we as individuals rip other people a part. Automatically assuming that one person is more at fault then another. No matter the circumstances or the facts. Part of the problem is we as humans sometimes get to emotionally involved in one particular thing not allowing us to differentiate what really happened.

For instance, I recently debated in the comments/blog section of a news article in the Sun-Sentinel about Donte Stallworth and him being charged with DUI Manslaughter charges.

Many people apparently want to immediately persecute Stallworth and want to not look at the facts. I tried to point out the facts and show equal blame between both parties involved and people did not take to kindly to that, some people debated rationally to a degree but did let emotions get in the way.

My take? Stallworth hit a pedestrian crossing a major six lane causeway/highway while driving around 6am. Stallworth was not said to have been speeding or breaking any driving laws other then he was over the legal limit for alcohol. Many people feel this makes him automatically guilt, but is he?

Why is no guilt placed on the pedestrian who was crossing the street illegally? Could he not of caused the accident in which he died by crossing when and where he shouldn't?

By all accounts Stallworth attempted to warn the pedestrian he was coming by flashing his lights and honking. He also stopped and tried to help the person. Unlike so many people who of just left and tried to run, especially athletes.

So why? Why does everything automatically fall on Stallworth? Why is he automatically to blame? If he was not over the legal limit he probably would not of been charged. Why does being over the legal limit immediately make him guilty? The pedestrian by breaking the law crossing a major street where he did put his life in jeporady. Unfortunately, for doing that his family and himself have paid the ultimate price with his death.

Now, I am not saying that drinking and driving should be condoned. It shouldn't and Stallworth should be charged with DUI. However, just because someone may be drunk does not mean that them being drunk caused the accident.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Its Tourney Time!

Wow... Two posts in one day!

Yesterday started the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. This is by far one of my favorite times of the year. The sheer joy and exhilaration of the games and the passion for which the players and fans show is amazing.

So, while everyone is out and about I will be sitting at home with a game on my pc and a game on the TV. Waiting to see who the Gonzaga or George Mason will be!

NCAA Tournament.... Where amazing truly does happen... unlike the NBA.

Exchange my dirty needle?

Apparently I am clueless. I had no idea that I could get free sterile needles to help me with my heroin addiction. This is awesome news to me!

Well, not really... See, I don't do drugs and I never will. However, my father did and he did pretty much everything.

It is an interesting dilemma really. The data shows that the exchange programs have lowered the spread of HIV/AIDS as well as Hepatitis. But, while its doing that why are we enabling drug users with more needles?

While I appreciate and understand the wanting to lower how many people get HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis. I don't think I can agree with them in enabling drug use. I am a strong opponent of drug use and I think we should find other ways of fighting the spread of HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis.

These needles should be going to underprivileged families who can't afford the needles for their kids insulin shots. I think that they are a bit more important then watching out for someone who chooses to ruin their life.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Earmarks and more...

During this past presidential campaign there was a lot made about earmarks. A lot of posturing about what each candidate would do in regards to them. So far... It has been all how air.

The sad thing about earmarks, at least to me, is that they are a form of legal bribery. Oh, you don't want to vote for this bill? How about we throw a few million federal dollars to a pet project in your home state/district. This is a serious problem. It means that bills are not being voted on for the merit of the bill. But, instead they are being voted for based on who could be bought to vote for it.

It is sad, disgusting, and points to everything that is wrong with our country.

Congress and the House want to get on business executives and how much money they receive or get in bonuses. How about get on each other for giving themselves millions of dollars in federal dollars for pet projects. Really, what is the difference between the two?

I guess in a way this leads to me having right thinking. The earmarks make the federal government bigger then it should be. Why is the government paying for localized pet projects? Should that not be the responsibility of the state? Wait... Did I just call for smaller federal government? Help! Help! I am thinking like a republican.

All joking aside.

It is shameful that we allow our politicians to get away with the very things they bring people before them for all the time. That is being dishonest to the American taxpayer. If they were so high and mighty as they seem to be when pursuing steroids in baseball, where are they in policing themselves in regards to honesty?

Next time you see a bill passed that you don't think should of been... Just remember, your interests were more then likely not at your congressmen or representatives heart, but, his pet projects are why he voted the way he did. Yay for earmarks!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Mass Transit in South Florida?

I thought we already had mass transit here... You know Tri-Rail, BCT, and the Palm Beach and Miami Dade bus systems.

Wait, that's right Tri-rail is only readily accessible by a small fraction of the population in South Florida.

I wish I was in county planning back when this brilliant idea was brought, to, you know only have one rail line setup and have it run down only the east side of the counties. Excellent move, almost has brilliant as allowing a small group of people to dictate the Sawgrass Expressway not going through to I-95. But, that is a different discussion for a different day.

Anyone who doesn't live in Ft Lauderdale doesn't understand what I am talking about. So, all I can say is government has done and is doing what government does best. The wrong thing.

Now, I have no problems paying extra taxes for a true mass transit system. But, let's do it properly and build it right. Let's tell the taxpayers exactly what is going to be done and how it is going to be done. Its amazing how sometimes being open and forth right makes things so much easier.

If we want a true system. Let's put north/south lines along the Turnpike and 75/Sawgrass in addition to the existing line along 95. Let's put in some east/west routes and not just a token one or two per county. This is something that needs to be accesible if it will truly be Mass Transit. Put in major lines along the east/west highways in Broward and Dade. Build terminals at the major cross sections meaning in Broward alone you would six main terminals. You would have many more then that in Dade county.

If needed raise costs a bit more to cover it. Let's face it if I pay $7.50 to $10 a day to ride the system then I am still paying less then a car payment and that's before gas and insurance.

Just my opinion... Like that's worth anything.