Monday, June 15, 2009

The Pursuit of Happiness

It is interesting how throughout our lives movies can have an impact on our lives or change our views one way or another.

Last night, I watched the movie Pursuit of Happiness for the first time. The movie and the story is phenomenal. If you have not watched it then I suggest you do.

The movie got me thinking and looking at retrospect into my life. Asking myself the question "Have I been pursuing happiness?"

Looking back I have wonderful memories and happiness abound. All three of my kids are screaming testaments to the happiness in my life. They give me a feeling of fulfillment and joy that few other things can ever come close to matching. For all intents and purposes I live for them and their happiness.

Sadly though, I feel that I fail them in the pursuit of happiness in providing for them. I know this is probably something that numerous father's feel and so I am not alone.

But, I look back on my life and ask, Have I given 100% to everything needed to ensure their happiness?

The answer unfortunately is no, I have not. I have not given 100% effort at work to ensure that we could live comfortable and do the many things they want to do. I spend far to much doing things I should not be doing and to little time doing things that will advance me farther in the work force. I am 31 years old and I basically work the Help Desk. I am better then this and should be doing better than this.

The problem? As I see it, I seem to just expect things to happen for me. I rarely if ever put in the effort to earn things. Case in point, my companies quarterly Outstanding Associate Award. I'd love to win this, it would be awesome to! However, I don't put any effort into trying to win it. I seem to think that just showing up means I should win the award.

Unfortunately, life does not work like that and I need to not only understand it, but, I need to do it. Growing up every teacher said "If only I would apply myself". Sadly, even today that holds true, I am constantly telling myself "If only I applied myself". I need to stop telling myself this and actually do it. Because, I now find myself saying the same thing about my oldest son. Our kids imitate us and twenty years from now I do not want him writing the same blog post.

I am still young, there is still time... I just need to put up or shut up so to speak.

If I do, then in the end I will have pursued happiness. Which is all anyone should ever do.

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