Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Who is to blame?

In today's society so many times we look to put blame on other people. This is prevalent is so many of our lives. It is astounding how we lack the ability to take responsibility of our own actions.

But, the sad part is when we as individuals rip other people a part. Automatically assuming that one person is more at fault then another. No matter the circumstances or the facts. Part of the problem is we as humans sometimes get to emotionally involved in one particular thing not allowing us to differentiate what really happened.

For instance, I recently debated in the comments/blog section of a news article in the Sun-Sentinel about Donte Stallworth and him being charged with DUI Manslaughter charges.

Many people apparently want to immediately persecute Stallworth and want to not look at the facts. I tried to point out the facts and show equal blame between both parties involved and people did not take to kindly to that, some people debated rationally to a degree but did let emotions get in the way.

My take? Stallworth hit a pedestrian crossing a major six lane causeway/highway while driving around 6am. Stallworth was not said to have been speeding or breaking any driving laws other then he was over the legal limit for alcohol. Many people feel this makes him automatically guilt, but is he?

Why is no guilt placed on the pedestrian who was crossing the street illegally? Could he not of caused the accident in which he died by crossing when and where he shouldn't?

By all accounts Stallworth attempted to warn the pedestrian he was coming by flashing his lights and honking. He also stopped and tried to help the person. Unlike so many people who of just left and tried to run, especially athletes.

So why? Why does everything automatically fall on Stallworth? Why is he automatically to blame? If he was not over the legal limit he probably would not of been charged. Why does being over the legal limit immediately make him guilty? The pedestrian by breaking the law crossing a major street where he did put his life in jeporady. Unfortunately, for doing that his family and himself have paid the ultimate price with his death.

Now, I am not saying that drinking and driving should be condoned. It shouldn't and Stallworth should be charged with DUI. However, just because someone may be drunk does not mean that them being drunk caused the accident.

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