Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Facts. Why don't people look at them?

As I posted before people want to seem to blame Dante Stallworth completely for Mario Reyes' death. So many reporters and bloggers seem to think that drinking and driving automatically make him guilty whether that is the case or not.

Well, people also seem to want to compare different cases and different situations to Stallworth's sentence. So let's look at some things here.

Michael Vick - People keep stating "good to see a human life is worth less then a dogs life" and similar things.

Let's travel back in time for a minute...

Michael Vick was put in jail for not only kill dogs. But, he was also put in jail for funding a multi-state gambling ring and dogfight ring. Not only that but he participated in these activities for years. After getting caught he went straight to the deny, deny, deny route. In the end it is why he was sentenced as he was.

Gallo (for those who do not know he is the person who hit Nick Adenhart in a DUI involved crashed), the differences between this case and Stallworth's case are night and day. However, people can't seem to get past the DUI part. Here the main differences -

1. Nick Adenhart was not breaking any laws (Reyes was breaking the law by jaywalking, he ran across a six lane road in front of Stallworth).
2. Gallo ran a red light directly causing the wreck (it is hard to say whether Stallworth being drunk or Reyes running across the street caused their wreck).
3. Gallo fled the scene and then resisted arrest once he was caught. (Stallworth stopped tried to help Reyes, called 911, and cooperated completely with the police)
4. Gallo has a record of DUI and was driving on a suspend license at the time. (Stallworth had no record at all)

I do not understand why people can not see the differences between these cases. Stallworth could of proven in a court of law that Reyes was at fault. He could of dragged the whole thing out crushed the family and the 15 year daughter in the process. The family would of never seen a dime and still be without their loved one. Instead Stallworth has stood up and taken responsbility, he settled out of court with the family, he changed his plea after agreeing to a plea deal, and he showed this kind of compassion from the moment the wreck happened.

Quickly now, name me another human who has done that let alone a pro athlete.

While drunk driving should never be condoned and it is wrong. We need to look at all aspects of each case individually and decided if what was done if correct or just. Not every case is the same.

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